Independence & Balance

Having been a practicing attorney, Tom understands well that his mission is to serve the client.  Moreover, his industry experience has given Tom the chance to gain the perspective of each participant in the design-construction process: 

  • Owners - Tom began his career representing the largest construction owner, the United States Government.  Later on, Barton Malow frequently served as agent or representative for public and private construction industry owners. More recently, TPS has been hired to provide training for owners' professional staff.  Tom recognizes that it is the owner's project and the owner's money. The owner's goals must be the project team's goals.
  • Builders - As General Counsel and Executive Vice President, Tom had many opportunities to represent the interests of the prime builder, whether acting as general contractor, construction manager at risk, or design-builder.  TPS has been hired to help major builders with operations reviews, policy and procedure improvement, business development strategy, and project delivery strategy.
  • Designers and Consultants - Tom handled the defense of professional liability claims during private law practice.  He also provided legal services and management support for Barton Malow's architecture affiliate.  He represented the interests of the company as program manager or consultant on various projects.
  • Specialty Contractors - Supporting the work of Barton Malow's self-performed business units, including concrete, interiors, and rigging, afforded Tom the chance to understand the specialty contractor's perspective on the buidling process.  Through TPS, he has continued to work on behalf of the specialty contractor.
  • Risk Managers - Having been chairman of an insurance captive, Tom understands the importance of identifying and managing risk and the role of the risk manager.
  • Overall Team - As a leader in the Design-Build Institute of America (DBIA), Tom advocates the importance of integrating all project participants, including the Owner, into a collaborative team that achieves high-performance results.

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