Excellence & Value

Tom's drive for excellence began young. He graduated from a top academic high school, first in his class, at age 16. He graduated from college 3 years later, at age 19, with a perfect 4.0 average. He completed law school at the University of Michigan near the top of his class. He earned various achievement awards at the US Justice Department and was promoted to partner soon after joining the Dykema Gossett law firm. 

At Barton Malow, Tom achieved rapid advancement, including crossing over from the legal specialty to a broad business leadership responsibility. He helped bring about superior results, including safety and profitability.

Through TPS, Tom can translate that drive for excellence into value for you, the customer.  TPS will be practical, efficient, prompt, and focused on what you need.  There is no costly bureaucratic structure or overhead expense load.  Tom can leverage his industry contacts to deliver resources efficiently and results that exceed  expectations.


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