Why Use Design-Build?

Design-build, done right, can offer numerous advantages over other forms of project delivery. These include: 

  • Schedule. Construction can begin before the design is complete, in contrast to design-bid-build, in which the Owner must wait for 100% design and then wait further while advertising for, receiving, and evaluating bids.
  • Cost. Research establishes that design-build produces cost savings (as well as significant schedule savings) compared to design-bid-build.
  • Single-point responsibility. In case of an issue, the Owner doesn't have to mediate between the contractor and the A/E; the design-builder has full responsibility.
  • Collaboration. Design-build involves an integrated team working collaboratively with a common interest toward meeting the project goals.
  • Other. Design-build works well with Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology and is an excellent method for achieving sustainable design. Design-build, performed according to its best practices, also produces innovation and great quality.

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